Raison d’Être

I have been in crypto since the early days. Early early days even. March 2010 I set up a CPU miningfarm (8 “office worthy” PCs) in my spare room, mining Bitcoin. It was just something fun to do with the hardware just laying around.

Somewhere in summer 2010 (about 300BTC later) I lost interest and powered them down. Didn’t think anything of it anymore untill last year when I got back into crypto. A market was constructed around it and there where a lot of “copies”. Other projects that tried to emulate or improve upon Bitcoin. Some where even building solutions for (perceived) problems. Hmm… Those BTC should still be in a wallet.dat on ONE of my harddrives ….

I scanned a few disks, but quickly decided that I’ll probably never find them. Ok, next best thing then, read up on it and make my first purchase.

I first bought BTC in June 2017. Got straight onto my first exchange and started following people on twitter, as I saw that most up to date news was spread there.


Needles to say, about 3 months later, my BTC was gone on projects that died, to ETH that I’ve put into ICOs that never saw any light of day and into DOGE, PAY, Antshares… That last one was a fluke and exploded shortly after the NEO rebrand. Ok, I got a taste for this now!

I started selling, buying in again slightly higher for the next move up, but it dropped. Damn…. Need to cut my losses, sell! Hrmm… It’s going up again, buy in again!! Sound familiar? Yea, I didn’t learn anything from succes in NEO. But how to learn? Where to turn?

RandomTwitterPersonality had some good insights… And he’s opening his private group to the public!! Only 0.05 BTC. If I learn to trade like him, it’ll sure be worth it!!

It’s A TRAP!

Well… What do you think happened?
The 0.05 BTC was monthly… By this time we where going down and most calls where pure luck or get-in-get-out trades, something you can’t do when working 8am to 7pm. Again I lost most of my capital. I think was down a nice chunk over the whole run… DAMN!

Now it was early 2018, BTC fell down but ALTs where climbing. I had pumped in some extra fiat and saw my gains rise (did I mention I put in $80 in XVG at 80sats? Yea… Biggest win of my crypto life!).
I got out of XVG, and into other ALTs… Then the bearmarket struck. At first it was down a few percents. No worries, it’ll get back up, HODL!!

With the knowledge we have now, not the smartest move right?
I said “f*ck it”, pumped in some fiat to BTC and … Stopped.

Run BecomeYourOwnExpert.exe

No more active trading. Only watching charts and papertrading!!
The bear was kind to me, leaving small crumbs that indicated relief rallies, news announcements (the pre pump buys became visible to me). Learned about the manipulation and how to do it (testdrove this on smallcaps with low volume. Works like a charm!!). Ok … This is getting better!
I started to see a succesrate of 45% on my papertrades. By making myself use stoplosses I gained about 80% in paper-BTC value. Time to start live trading again. Late August/early September I got back to active trading and must say I’m in profit now; more and more secure then I ever did before.
I still need to gain a lot to earn back the losses I made as a noob, but I’m getting there.

Along this way, I didn’t go alone! Oh, no!!
I’ve made friends in crypto and by checking twitter and the outcomes, found the true helpers. The real “leaders” in TA, FA and human emotion. By learning from them and adopting what I felt to fit me, I’ve become a lot more productive!!

This project

So, why the site? Are you an “expert” now?

No, I don’t think this journey made me an export. Far from it! I still learn every day and sometimes forget my stoploss or set it too wide/tight. But …

I’ve been a domainer before (small fish) and sometimes visit Flippa.com and NamePros.com for nostalgia. That’s where I found out about the auction for CryptoExpert.net . I had some fiat put to the side for buying more BTC when we dipped, if we dipped (yes we did 🙁 ) so I could buy it…

If I don’t buy it, there is a chance (remote maybe) that someone will buy it, make a flashy website and scam newcomers when the bull returns.
That’s something I didn’t want. I’ve already lived through that and almost made me quit crypto as a whole. No, I/we can’t let that happen!

So I bought the domain for around $800, smashed some cheap hosting and a wordpress on it. There you have it, a small informational website! (articles to be added ofcourse)


I do plan to put up some affiliate links and ads in the future. But don’t worry, I won’t promote scams and it’s not about the money for me. I do want to recover some off the investment I made in the URL and pay for hosting. If I earn on this site, I plan to use the funds to hire a dedicated webdev and make CryptoExpert into a hub for learning and information.

If you want to help out with lessons/information/articles/webdevelopment/financial/emotional support, please feel free to mail me admin [at] cryptoexpert [dot] net

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